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11 Sexually Explicit Netflix Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Netflix is known for its wide berth of programming, with binge-worthy original series and quality children’s programming rounding out the pretty diverse line up. But hiding, sometimes in plain sight, and sometimes beneath the surface, is an undercurrent of steamy material that most wouldn’t think of finding on their favorite streaming provider. And even if you were thinking about it, you might not know where to find it.

Well, we here at Cinema Blend are all about helping the public, and to that end we’ve scoured the Netflix Instant library to find 11 titles that you could stream right this very second! Your reasons may vary for wanting such materials, and we wouldn’t even begin to guess them in such a public forum. All we know is if you’re looking for something a little more intense than most of the offerings in Netflix’s library, then these are the films you need to hunt down. Part the beaded curtain, and follow along as we list the most Adult Netflix titles we could find.


Gaspar Noe’s Love

By reputation alone, Gaspar Noe has never been shy about showing human sexuality, and all of the pieces and parts that make up the experience. Gaspar Noe’s Love is his most recent, and possibly his most explicit, as actual sexual acts and full frontal nudity are on display throughout this tale of a couple who start to experiment with their relationship. Be prepared for a lot of discussion if you watch this one with your significant other.


Sleeping Beauty

Not all sex is sexy, and Sleeping Beauty is definitely from the less exciting end of the spectrum. However, it is no less intense, as Emily Browning’s protagonist helps her clients indulge their fetish based off of a particular fairy tale princess. Putting aside any jokes involving Sucker PunchSleeping Beauty gets artsy and dark throughout the twisted tale it weaves. And, as could be assumed, it’s far from a happily ever after by time the end credits roll.SPONSORED


A Teacher

Obsession is a common theme among some of the most prolific erotic thrillers. Not only does A Teacher deal with the subject of an obsessed romance, it also portrays a story we’ve seen crop up in the news from time to time: a teacher / student relationship. In the case of this film, we see an obviously scenario, and the slow decline it forces upon its protagonist, Diana, after she tries to quit the relationship, only to fail miserably. Tragedy rules this picture, so don’t walk in expecting anything less.


Nymphomaniac – Extended Director’s Cut (Vol. 1 & 2)

If you’re reading this list, and haven’t heard of this two part opus of controversy from Lars Von Trier, then we’re not sure what to make of that. But regardless, Von Trier isn’t shy to put sexually explicit material on the screen with Nymphomaniac,and he’s certainly not afraid to make the audience feel less than comfortable about it. With a tagline like “Forget About Love” emblazoned on the poster, this tale of the sexual life of Joe, our mysterious central character, takes a less romanticized look at human sexuality.



This list has been pretty intense and depressing thus far, so let’s lighten things up with some hardcore, gross out humor, shall we? Wetlands tells the story of Helen, a young woman who lands herself in the hospital for some rather interesting circumstances involving personal hair removal. Though her obsession with pushing her lack of personal care makes for a lot of laughs, there’s also a more emotional quotient to this film’s overall story. Still, once you’ve met Helen, you’ll never look at your vegetables and tampons the same way again.

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