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Using contactless credit, debit card: Key things you should know

Using contactless credit, debit card: Key things you should know

New Delhi: With the technological advancement in the payment interfaces, the industry has been continuously working towards to reduce the human intervention in payments. Contactless credit, debit cards are an example of that. Contactless payment is the latest secure technology with which payment can be processed by tapping the card at the terminal of merchants. Customers having a contactless debit, credit cards can look for a similar symbol at the point of sale (PoS) machines at the time of checkout for making the payment.

Contactless payment technology is relatively easy and convenient as compared to entering the PIN for each and every smaller transaction. Contactless credit, debit cards are safe and secure, as similar as to any other EMV chip card. Contactless credit, debit cards carry the same multiple layers of security, which ensures that you are safe from fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.

Contactless credit, debit cards only work when the card is placed at a close distance of 4 cm of the card reader and the contactless payment terminal can only process one transaction at a time. According to the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, there is absolutely no limit on the value of products a customer can purchase using the contactless card. However, the central bank has placed an upper ceiling of Rs 2,000 for a single transaction.

The cashier or the merchant is required to put the amount in the terminal to activate the reader before a contactless card can be tapped. Notably, the PoS terminals are designed to read only one transaction per card at a time. If mistakenly, two contactless cards are placed on the terminal, either one of the two cards will be read depending on which card is closer and has a better antenna.

According to Visa, if the card reader senses more than one contactless card, it will ask to select anyone. The number of contactless cards sensed by the card reader depends on multiple factors. Customers should always take their contactless credit, debit cards out of their wallet to tap and pay.

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