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Woman Chops Off Husband’s Genitals And Feeds It To Dog As A Revenge For Years Of Domestic Violence She Suffered

a piece of surprising news, a 48 years old woman from Ukrain named Maria did something harrowing which is now hitting the headlines. According to the reports, she has been arrested by the police for allegedly killing and then dismembering her husband. Maria reportedly decapitated her husband before chopping off his penis and feeding to the dogs. This incident took place in Obariv, a village in the north of Ukraine.

Maria told the police the reason why she took such a drastic step. She revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence. Her husband was physically abusive and assaulted her for years. One day, suffocated of all this, she decided to murder him and according to her, it was the only way she could do to end all this.

Reportedly, after cutting off his head, she put it in a sack. According to Mrs Opanasiuk, a neighbour she felt quite sick by the entire incident but managed to raise alarm and then the police was called.

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