A Country Where Being Gay is a Crime, Its Airlines Will Show India’s First Child-Friendly LGBT Film

The world is changing and so as its parameters set for a certain section of the society. Yes, we are talking about the LGBTQ community. Although being an LGBTQ person is not a crime in India still common people don’t allow it. They criticize such people and relations and think it is against our culture and human values.

But to let you know, a film titled as Evening Shadows is the first LGBTQ film that got a child-friendly rating in India, and interestingly it will be screened on Emirates Airlines. the story of the film revolves around a man who belongs to southern India who comes out to his mother. In early 2018, homosexuality was still criminalized in India and it was then that the movie was given a child-friendly rating.

The film is grabbing all the attention and is all set to make history as it becomes the first independent film based on LGBTQ-theme that will be played in-flight entertainment circuit.

So the question is why is it historic?

It is because it will be featured in the airlines of the country that criminalizes any sex outside marriage, it especially prohibits same-sex relations. Yes, we are talking about the United Arab Emirates which is the home to Emirates Airlines. The legal punishment for same-sex activities in UAE is a prison, deportation, flogging or even death.

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